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Cocktails in the War Room Announcement!

Starting this Tuesday, February 20, 2024, Cocktails in the War Room will be available to watch LIVE on Mistress Carrie’s official Facebook, You Tube, and Instagram! Make sure you like and follow! See you at 8:30pm EST!

Mistress Carrie in Rolling Stone!

Months ago, I got an email through about being interviewed for an upcoming Rolling Stone article about the downfall of WAAF in Boston. I obviously agreed to do it, any chance I get to talk about my beloved WAAF I’ll take...

Last minute Holiday gift idea!

Looking for a last minute gift idea this holiday season that is sure to please? How about a gift certificate for a TANDEM SKYDIVE!?! JUMPTOWN is America’s oldest commercial drop zone! Click here to shop and get info! I’ll see you in the...