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Mangini Album Release Party at Drum Center of Portsmouth

November 11, 2023 @ 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Come Meet Mike Mangini & Get A First Listen To His New Album Invisible Signs!

Saturday, November 11th At 5pm, In-Store At Drum Center Of Portsmouth!

A FREE Copy Of The CD Is Included!

This special in-store session is going to be epic! Come and celebrate the official release of Mike Mangini’s new album Invisible Signs, and get a FREE copy of the CD with the purchase of admission! We will be playing the new album in its entirety and hosting a Meet-n-Greet with Mike. This is your chance to meet Mike, grab a picture, and get an autograph!

Tickets are available now for this exclusive event with one of the world’s most talented drummers. Simply bring a photo ID on the day of the event for admission.

About Mike:

Grammy Winner & Nominations As A Song Writer, Drummer

2022 Best Metal Performance for “The Alien” by Dream Theater.  [Win]

2013 Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for “The Enemy Inside” by Dream Theater.

2011 Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for “On The Backs of Angels” by Dream Theater.

1999 Best Rock Instrumental Performance for “For the Love of God” by Steve Vai

1997 Best Rock Instrumental Performance for “Windows to the Soul” by Steve Vai

Drum Contests & Competitive Auditions

2010 Won the worldwide Dream Theater drummer audition.

1989 Boston’s Best Rhythm Section All Styles (Drummer & Bassist Pairing) 1st Place

1980-1981 Massachusetts All State Jazz Drummer (1st Chair,) Eastern District (1st Chair,) Waltham, MA Senior High School Louis Armstrong Award for Jazz Band.

1977-1981 ALL East U.S.A. Percussionist (1st Chair,) Massachusetts All State Orchestra Percussionist (1st Chair,) Massachusetts Eastern District Orchestra Percussionist (1st Chair.) Waltham, MA Senior High School John Phillip Sousa  Award for Concert Band, Waltham, MA Junior High School Band Director’s Award.

1980-1981 Seven N.A.J.E. Jazz Drummer awards as “Outstanding Musician” at State Level Jazz Band competitions.

1976 – 1981 Mike was either a percussionist, or drummer resulting in 1st place finishes in local and statewide Battle of the Bands (Rock,) Junior High School and High School level Concert Bands, Orchestras, Jazz Bands, Jazz Combos, Percussion Ensemble and Marching Bands.

2002-2006 Official (W.F.D.) World’s Fastest Drummer #1 Ranking at one point in the five following categories: 

Fastest Hands Matched Grip in 1 Minute, Fastest Hands Traditional Grip in 1 Minute, Fastest Bare Hands in 1 Minute, Fastest Feet in 15 Minutes, Fastest Feet in 5 Minutes.

Music Composer

Mike’s first solo release is called “Invisible Signs.” He is Producer, Song Writer, Lyricist, Drummer and Virtual Instrument Player/Programmer.

Mike is credited song for Dream Theater on Dream Theater, Self Titled, Distance Over Time and A View From the Top of the World.

He co-composed “Leave Me Alone” from Extreme’s “Waiting from the Punchline” album and it was a success on a Satellite Radio.

Subject Of A Documentary

2010  “A Drummer’s Dream,” featuring Mike and four other world renown drummers, was the Grand Prize winner at the FIPA D’or in France for the Performing Arts, The Hot Docs Audience favorite in Toronto, The Audience Favorite in the Top Ten Canadian Films Vancouver International Film Festival, and an official selection at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival. Link.

As A College Professor

2007-2009 Voted in the top 1 to 3 % of the National O.C.E. College Professor Student Response Ratings System.

2000 – 2010 Was part of the Berklee College of Music’s Percussion Faculty and served as a Department Student Advisor from 2005 – 2010.

For Instructional Materials

2014 Modern Drummer Magazine’s Best Instructional DVD for “The Grid”

2013 DRUM! Magazine’s Best Instructional DVD for “The Grid”

1999 Top 3 Best Instructional Books for “Rhythm Knowledge Volume 1” and “Rhythm Knowledge Volume 2”

1997-2022 Reader’s Polls top 1 to 5 finishes in several International Drum Magazines for “Drummer of the Year,” “Best Progressive Drummer,” “Best Clinician,” “Best Recorded Performance” and “Best Up and Coming Drummer.

Note that Mike has also published Rhythm Knowledge, Volume Three (as of 2022.)


Featured in a Discovery Channel’s “Timewarp” episode. Link to it here.

Was the focus of a Harris Teeter’s, USA, TV commercial. Link to it here.

Career Playing History

2010 to 2023: Band member/Drummer for the progressive rock Band Dream Theater. He also does occasional guest appearances. 2023 included shows with Zakk Wylde, Cory Wong and also with John Petrucci’s Solo Band.

1993 to 2015: Performed with U.K., John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Tribe of Judah, Extreme, Dale Bozzio’s Missing Persons, Annihilator.

1994 to Present: International Touring Drum Clinician

1976 – 1993: Was a member of many Boston, NY and FLA based cover and original bands and a drummer and co-song writer.

1973 – 1981: Performed in School Concert, Orchestra, Jazz, Jazz Combo, Percussion Ensemble and Rock bands with friends.

Although deeper history and timeline of events can be found via the Wikipedia Link, there are many mistakes on the wiki page. 

Mike is currently in the midst of releasing his solo music on an album called, “Invisible Signs.” He is the sole songwriter and plays on it. Information on that can be found at: www.manginiband.com.

In 2010, Mike Mangini won the drum seat for the Progressive Rock icons Dream Theater in an audition that was captured in the internet documentary, “The Spirit Carries On.”  He has worked with Annihilator, Extreme, Steve Vai and U.K. The career constant for Mike has been his teaching in some way, shape or form.

During his long and diverse career, he has won approximately 60 combined performance based awards, auditions, and drum contests. These individual awards have spanned musical styles from Classical, Jazz, Rock, to Heavy Metal, Solo drumming and official W.F.D. World’s Fastest Drummer records. 

He is in may reader’s polls for drum magazines as well. Additionally, he was the drummer in bands that won at the state championship level in public school related orchestral, jazz and percussion ensembles that all placed 1st at the state level. Professionally, he has earned five Grammy nominations and one win for Dream Theater’s, “The Alien.” Although he is best known for his work with heavier rock music, he has done gigs in the styles of Latin, Funk, Swing, Pop Ballads, Pop and Blues. He was also one of seven drummers in the International film festival, award winning documentary, “A Drummer’s Dream,” as well as being featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp.” 

Mike is a product of a solid network of family, friends and public school sports and music programs with great teachers in Waltham, Massachusetts. Although wikipedia has made the world think that Mike is from Newton, MA, Mike was only born in a Newton hospital, but is from Waltham, MA. This upbringing inspired him to work with people, to compete and to understand the value of quality teaching and influence. 

Mike became a private drum teacher and developed a learning system called “Rhythm Knowledge” and it contains three volumes to date. It is a cognitive and computer science based learning system that also relies on his documented observations as both a student and teacher. Eventually, Mike and his philosophies got world wide attention in international drum magazines. Mike headlines international drum festivals embarks on solo drum clinic tours sponsored by his equipment endorsement companies each year demonstrating how his systems work.

As a teacher, he stared his own private instruction business and eventually taught at the Berklee College of Music for eleven years and was eventually appointed as the Percussion Department’s Student Advisor. He surpassed being just a top sought after teacher at Berklee. He finished in the top 1 to 3% of the O.C.E.’s student response ratings for college professors in the entire United States each year the ratings system was used.

In 2013, he released an award winning instructional DVD called “The Grid,” that turns musical improvisation into a science. This system can also be applied to improvising anything. Mike invented it because neither Berklee or the World had yet defined and broken down what ‘improvisation’ actually is and how it works. He showed just how correct the approach is not just by winning the Dream Theater audition, but to use it to help less skilled players improvise decently.

For more info on Mike Mangini, click here.


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