Well, if you are a War Room “Family Member” this may not help you very much…
But, if you are new to Mistress Carrie & Cocktails In The War Room, this will help a TON!
We have a lot of slang terms that have developed over the course of the hundreds of episodes of Cocktails in the War Room, and sometimes you could be left out of the joke!

Cocktails in the War Room – Also known as Mistress Carrie’s ‘Happy Accident’ started on March 14, 2020, by going live on her Facebook page to let everyone know how she was holding up after WAAF went off the air on Feb 21, 2020. Almost 11,000 people joined her in the War Room. After 80 nights in a row CitWR became a weekly show, every Tuesday night at 8:30 Boston Time, live on her Facebook page, and then reposted on her official YouTube channel, for those without FB. 
The War Room -The room in MC’s house where Cocktails In The War Room is filmed. It’s the room where her bar is, and where she keeps all of her military memorabilia.
Wednesday – the official co-host of Cocktails in the War Room, MC’s pet pug. Find her on IG @wednesdaythegothpug
“Don’t lick anything weird, and wash your damn hands” – The ending slogan of the War Room, printed on the back of the first 800 CitWR t-shirts sold to benefit the Mass. Military Support Foundation.
War Room Family – is what the original viewers of Cocktails In The War Room call themselves. They have become close during the pandemic, and even have a private FB group to stay in touch during the rest of the week.
Bag of Dicks – Literally a bag of edible gummies in the shape of a dicks, sent as a gift for Mail Call.MC &Mike Hsu ate them during the first in War Room guest episode, and the last “nightly” episode… #81
Dick-Tionary – references the Bag O’ Dicks, and a list of terms frequently used in the WarRoom.
Mail Call – The part of Cocktails In The War Room where MC opens fan mail.
Fernandez Sangria
– Sangria made by one of MC’s AAF to Afghanistan guys, that the dropped off on her doorstep during the Coronavirus
Full Fernandez – Getting drunk unexpectedly
Mocktails In The War Room – a Tuesday night when a sober guest joins the War Room, and we choose not to drink to support their sobriety. Shirley Temples are had instead, but other non-alcoholic drinks are also encouraged. Also known as Temple Tuesday.
Cheez-Its – a favorite WarRoom snack
Never Go For The Cheez-It – a story told in the War Room about a man on a flight who dropped cheez-its in MC’s lap and tried to remove them himself, without asking, and almost lost his hand.
Fucking Stingray – one of Wednesday’s favorite Mail Call gifts, a stingray shaped dog toy that squeaks very loudly.
Ducking Stingray – when autocorrect “fixes” the Fucking Stingray Wednesday is playing with.
Blair Dick Project – a reference to a Marilyn Manson interview at Ozzfest years back, involving a dildo with a camera on the end.
Face Police – when MC touches her face during Cocktails in the War Room during a pandemic.
Temple Tuesday – a Tuesday night when a sober guest joins the War Room, and we choose not to drink to support their sobriety. Shirley Temples are had instead. Also known as Mocktails In The War Room.
Copper Mug – When MC is drinking from a Copper Mug, it means she’s drinking a Moscow Mule.
Blueberry Cobbler – references a story told in the War Room, that happened to MC during her Afghanistan trip in 2011, where Blueberry Cobbler was the “code” to get a “different type” of massage at the massage parlor on the military base. MC’s security guards begged her to go and say it, but she never did.
Happy Accident – What MC called Cocktails in the War Room, because it was a split second decision to go LIVE on March 14, 2020 and it was never intended to become the show that it is.
“Walter… Get The Pipe!” – From Episode #46 of The Mistress Carrie Podcast featuring Karen Durkot. Walter was an employee at a record store, and any time they found someone trying to steal Led Zeppelin albums, they would yell for Walter to get the pipe that they kept behind the counter!
Tits & Corn – The name of Karen Durkot’s (Episode #46 of The Mistress Carrie Podcast) band when she was young!
Un-Birthday – When someone wishes you a Happy Birthday, and it’s not really your birthday, it’s your UN Birthday. Keith was the 1st Un Birthday!
Bobby Jaguar – From Episode #56 of The Mistress Carrie Podcast featuring Rob Caggiano from Volbeat, this was his “rockstar name” when he was a kid. 
De-Birding – From Episode #56 of The Mistress Carrie Podcast featuring Rob Caggiano from Volbeat. The effect MC wished she had to get rid of the bird chirping noises in the background of the interview
Type-O Social – When there is a type-o on the screen during the show, everybody has to drink!
Pughole- When Wednesday The Goth Pug turns her back to the camera in the War Room and shows her butthole on screen.
KornStains- An unfortunate type-o when referring to the Korn & Staind Tour that was out in the Fall of 2021
Chock Full of Cock- The description of an adult coloring book sent in to the Mail Call on Cocktails in the War Room.
The Clusterf*ck Episode- Episode #229, on 4-25-2023 is known as the Clusterf*ck Episode because the show graphics went crazy, which MAY have been caused by a ghost in the War Room.

To be continued…

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