Cocktails in the War Room #86 7-07-2020

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Episode #86
AAR #1 1SGT Jonathan Hill
Mistress Carrie is joined in the War Room by a real war hero. 1SGT Jonathan Hill (ret), who fought in the battle of COP Keating in Afghanistan in 2009, earning him a Purple Heart and a Silver Star. He was a guest on Episode #4 of The Mistress Carrie Podcast, and this past week, the story of COP Keating was turned from a best selling book by Jake Tapper called The Outpost, info a film of the same name. Jon, joined by his girlfriend Jonnee share a cocktail with Mistress Carrie and talk about the podcast, the film, the book, Jake Tapper, Post Traumatic Stress, supporting military families, literally getting caught with your pants down, blueberry cobbler, and much more. To hear the podcast (Episode #4) that inspired this video, click here
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Episode 86