Cocktails in the War Room 1 year later!

It is insane to me, that this weekend (March 14) I’ll be marking the 1 year anniversary of the debut of Cocktails in the War Room.

This show was never supposed to happen. It was just supposed to be me, going LIVE on Facebook, to say HI, and to check in after the loss of WAAF, and the start of what would be the Covid-19 “lockdown”. It’s my happy accident. It’s been a support group, not just for me, but for “The Family” that found a place to go to laugh, cry, vent, and support other people trying to deal with the crazy world, just like them.

80 nights in a row, we got together at 8:30pm to check in, talk about the headlines, laugh, and cry. Then, we made the decision to make it a weekly show and carry it on into the unpredictable future. What started on my cell phone, has grown from a tripod, to editing software, to live guests, t-shirts, charity work, and the future can take it anywhere “On Deployment”. 

We’ll have our first on location event, to mark the anniversary this weekend, and who knows where we will be able to have cocktails from in the future.

When I look back at the last year, and remember all of the things we have gone through together in the War Room, it staggers my mind. The loss of WAAF, the spread of Covid, the ensuing lockdown, the #Food4Vets t-shirt fundraiser, podcast announcement, my engagement and wedding, website and merch launch, holidays, births and way too many deaths, tears, support uncertainty and fear, laughter and hope, it’s all there and then some!

The War Room is an example of what can happen in the worst of times, and I am so grateful for it.

So, Sunday night, join us in person, or online to celebrate another milestone on this crazy journey! Get your War Room shirts & hoodies on, and wear them proudly… It’s time to celebrate! Thank you all for being there with me every step of the way! 

“Don’t lick anything weird, and wash your damn hands!”

If you want to go back and watch the first 121 episodes, you can find them all here!

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